Monday, February 15, 2016

White Gyrfalcon!!

After sitting in parking lot at Cape Spear for about 20 minutes scanning the water, I was heading down the hill when I caught sight of a large falcon-like bird flying alongside of me.

 |My first impression was Gyrfalcon and I texted Bruce. The more I looked at pics on my camera I thought it must be a white Northern Goshawk.
 It was only when I uploaded the shots I felt confident about what I had seen.
 The bird is very white and very fast. I was lucky to get these shots. Unfortunately, they are very thin as I was shooting into the morning light. Nevertheless, the shots are enough to confirm the ID. Thanks Bruce.
It was seen flying down the hill and it flew into the edge of the trees at a very low profile. I scanned the edge of the trees for quite a while, but didn't see it again.
It certainly didn't look like it was leaving the area. Good luck!

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