Thursday, August 2, 2018

Seabird Delight

 I have fallen behind in posts as the warm weather lures me outside, just where I want to be. With a combo of play and birding, I have seen some really nice birds.
 Today, I share way too many pictures, but they correspond to the amount of enjoyment I had on Wednesday as I ventured down the shore. Birding along the way, I arrived at Point La Haye around noon. I stayed for a long time with so much to look at.
 Point La Haye is a much longer trip than I typically like to make. The most exciting trips are usually the ones where I have boots on the ground just roaming around. When I got to Point La Haye, I didn't see a bird. "Wow," I thought. "What am I doing here?"
 Determined, I set out for the long walk down the beach. About two-thirds through the sand, a jaeger buzzed me. Relief set in. It wasn't long before I realized I had just seen my first Long-tailed Jaeger. That made the long drive and long walk worthwhile.
 It wasn't until my walk out I saw the same jaeger sitting on the beach. What a nice surprise.
 Soon, it was airborne again along with others.

 Altogether there were six jaegers that eventually showed up.
 Among them were light and dark morph Pomarine Jaeger, both immature and adult.
 For me, as I have only seen very few jaegers, it was not easy to identify them on the spot and even at home when looking closely at the pictures. I believe this to be a Parasitic Jaeger.
 I believe this bird to be an adult Parasitic, however, the tail really doesn't show well in either image.

 Then, there was this one. My brain is breaking down! I think, based on size, pale base below primaries and the heavily barred tail, I am guessing... guessing Long-tailed Jaeger.

 These two, were the easiest. Based on their tail, I believe them to be Pomarine Jaeger.
 This bird was BFFs with the pale Long-tailed Jaeger. The two birds were often sitting together. At times, it seemed this dark bird was being protective of the pale morph. Very interesting to watch.
 I captured several angles of this bird hoping the pictures would confirm it to be yet another Long-tailed Jaeger.
Do not take any of my identifications to heart. They are the result of flipping through three guides, multiple pictures and a declining perception.

Trepassey offered up a quick look at a number of shorebirds. Among them are Black-bellied Plovers, White-rumped Sandpipers, Semi-palmated Sandpipers and one possible Sanderling (pale bird in the lower right of pic.) Note the Redknot.

Mix in an hour gazing at shearwaters and jaegers flying below the light house at Point La Haye and some "warblering" mixed in, it was a birding overload. Having said all of this, I can't fail to mention it was also joyful!

Now, have a look at the bird in the lower right. It does not really look like a Greater Yellowlegs. I have added two lightened versions of the same picture below this one.

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