Thursday, January 7, 2016

Milbert's Tortioseshell

 It was the Milbert's Tortoiseshell that was my starter butterfly for my photo collection.
 While visiting a yard in the St. John's area to see a hummingbird, I came across a Milbert's feeding on the flowers. I hadn't seen one before and was taken by its beauty.
It is odd, because years ago we used to collect butterflies and mount them for the children, but my heart really wasn't into it.
 Now, my whole birding experience during the summer and early fall is enriched by stopping to enjoy the beautiful, fluttery creatures about.
 Some of the NL butterflies are so small, it is almost impossible to get a clear shot, but not this species. They tend to land and stay put for long periods of time.

On this particular day, I came upon about 30 Milbert's feeding in one area in Pouch Cove. There were other species among them. Quite a nice sight!

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