Friday, October 2, 2015

Hudsonian Godwit Arrive

 The flood of migrating birds has dwindled into a trickle. No more long lists of rarities seen in one day. Nevertheless, it is just great to get out for a drive or walk. This led me to Flatrock earlier this week where I witnessed this Merlin make multiple attempts to snag a European Starling. They were just too nimble for him. He returned to the wire several times to regroup before trying again. When I left, he was still hungry.
 While on this drive, I learned Bruce Mactavish had located two Hudsonian Godwit at Mundy Pond. Hmmm, I thought, I had been searching for one in the wrong places in Goulds.
 By late morning, I worked my way to Mundy Pond, only to leave without seeing even one.
When I returned later in the day, there they were large as life, preening out in the open. This provided a great opportunity at close range to really look these birds over.
 It quickly became apparent there is a difference in their plumage. Checking the guides this morning, I don't see any illustrations presenting exactly as either of these birds.
 This is pretty typical of birds seen at this time of the year. They are in an in-between state of transition from breeding to non-breeding plumage or juvenile to adult plumage.
 Now, which is which? Juvenile? Adult?
I will leave that to you to decide as I have not yet reached a decision. These last three images show a good comparison of the two birds.

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