Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hermit Thrush

It was only about two weeks ago that I saw my first Hermit Thrush. It was pointed out to me by another birder and I groaned because I didn't get a good look or any good pictures of it.

Little did I think I would have another chance in such a short time to see this bird again.
During a stop and search expedition on Bear Cove Point Road, yet another birder and I found ourselves surrounded by small birds.  Among them were many, many Hermit Thrushes.  At first there were none in sight but we could hear a loud call in the distance.  After phishing for a while in flew at least six, maybe more.  They were flying around so fast that it was difficult to count them. At one point I had a male and female in one tree.
They were very busy catching flies but rest assured, the supply of flies was not dwindling. This is a very active, loud bird and it really put on a great show. Having watched this bird so at home in its chosen habitat for such a long time, I will surely recognize it any time I see one in the future. Its call is very distinct and still rings in my ears.

Was the activity of that day an isolated event or is this the time that they are collecting food for their young? I don't know but it is notable that just two weeks ago they seemed to be around but not visible.

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