Sunday, June 17, 2018

WUNDERBIRD Birdwatching Clothing - A New Piece of Equipment for Me

Finding suitable clothing to wear when birding is not easy. It has to have pockets, not make noise when you move, be of a colour that will not spook the birds, be comfortable and functional in every way. I recently found just the right hoodie and Tee.
When my daughter first saw me wearing it, she liked it right away. Form and function are important.. When I told her about all of the features of the shirt, she replied: "That's not just a shirt. That's a piece of equipment." She is right.
I have added some pics here to illustrate some of the details of the WUNDERBIRD birding attire: There are two front pockets designed to support the binoculars in a high or low position to ease neck strain while birding. A front, double-layered, hand-warming pocket is functional and deep enough to carry items. The hood is designed just for birders. It is snug and constructed so as not to drop in your face when using "opticals." It stays put, no matter how high the wind. That is particularly important here in Newfoundland . The shoulders boast padding for birders who carry scopes or a large tripod-mounted camera.

The material is UV protected, comfortable, breathable, quick-drying, wrinkle-free  and for me, the best feature is that it repels insects. Yesterday, as I birded Third Pond the black flies were swarming. Nothing moved around my body, but zeroed in on my face and head. I decided to put the garment to the test and pulled up the hood. Within seconds, the black flies moved away. That is a major added bonus! I cannot overstate how much I like this product. Note: The sizing is exact.

Here is the link to the WUNDERBIRD web site:

The items listed at that site are quoted in U.S. Dollars, shipped from the U.K. and arrived at my door step on the third day after the order. In Canada, applicable duties and taxes will apply.

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