Saturday, May 12, 2018

Purple Gallinule!

 What a treat! Chris Denine spotted and photographed this bird yesterday. Fortunately, he posted it on the Facebook NL Birdwatching Group.
 That led numerous birders to hit the Waterford Bridge area this morning. It was relocated. What a beautiful bird!
 It would be very easy to miss this bird as it tended to move into the tall grass and stay put for periods of time. To watch it walk as it lifted its large yellow feet through the grass was quite the sight.
 Once when it came out it worked its way down to the waters edge and eventually went into the water before re-entering the tall grass.
 Two similar birds to this Purple Gallinule are the American Coot (seen annually at Quidi Vidi Lake and Virginia Lake) and a Common Moorhen (seen most recently at an artificial pond at Bally Haly Golf Course in St. John's.) Pictures of the Coot and Moorhen can be seen by running a search of previous posts located at the top of this page.
 Enough said. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

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