Sunday, November 22, 2015

Look Again

 Yesterday, it would have been easy to just drive by when I saw a bird fly along the water's edge at Forest Pond. It would have been so easy to write off the flying bird as a sparrow and forget about it, but I didn't. Always curious, I stopped to have a better look. Much to my surprise my look yielded a Blue-headed Vireo. Nice!
While I was snapping photos from my car, I thought a caught a glimpse of another yellowish bird breeze by, but I wasn't sure. I got out to have a look, but the two birds had joined some chickadees and moved away from the road. I gave up and went other places.
Unable to get the second bird out of my mind, I returned to the spot about an hour later and found the flock of chickadees and juncos close to the road. I stayed in my car again and watched. Then, I saw three birds that looked interesting. Twisting around in my seat, I was able to get a shot of both the vireo and this Orange-crowned Warbler. I could never see the other bird again, so this time I left for good. Nevertheless, I keep wondering if I missed one. It is always worth assuming that every bird is a good bird until proven differently. It paid off again.

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