Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's Time

 While the woods have been pretty quiet and visibility of the birds hidden within has been difficult, that is all changing now. The little ones are finding their way out, and action in the trails is breaking loose. It will only get better over the next month.
 One of the nice things about this time is seeing all of the variations of the young.
 These three images all show juvenile Yellow-rumped Warblers. Yet, each one is different. The middle shot shows more streaking than I have seen on a YRW juvenile. Because of this, I am guessing it is the youngest of the three.
 This Ruddy Turnstone did its best to hide away yesterday. It hung low on the seaside of the rocks and only briefly popped up to look around. The time for shore birds is also here. Beaches will begin to crawl and inland ponds such as Forest Pond, Fourth and Second Pond in Goulds may yield some exciting finds. Likely, fields in the same area will also host some interesting birds.
 While pursuing a thrush (maybe a Swainson's or Gray-cheeked) that I got only a brief glimpse of yesterday, this Northern Waterthrush jumped up on a branch right in front of me. It looks like it is singing, but it was only chipping - a lot. (My efforts to get another look at the unknown thrush failed.)
Well, the rain this morning bodes well for me to get my wine bottled today. Although, I have to admit, the Black-backed Woodpeckers seen at Long Pond loom large in my mind this morning. Then again, there are all of those shore birds reported in Renews. Choices! Choices!

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