Thursday, August 11, 2011

Whales: Heads and Tails and Parts In Between - Part Four

 This the final installment of the whales at Cape Spear on August 1, 2011 attempts to show just how many whales there were.  There were several areas where spectators were viewing and each venue had the same kind of amazing action. I believe that there were a mixture of Minke, Humpback and Fin whales that all added to the pleasure.
 The whales often travelled two-by-two as they went East, West, North and South. Just as one group would move by another would move in.
 Those that came in close to shore were intent on eating and there were few antics while those that were further out could be seen jumping, slapping their tails and fins and just generally frolicking.
On several occasions these massive creatures headed straight toward us and very close to shore. I can only imagine that the water drops immediately off the rocks. They would come in close and turn around under water and head out again.
 Had I known that would be the last day of sunshine and low winds that we would get, I would have stayed all day. However, the forecast had offered some hope of other nice days ahead. They didn't materialize and we have not seen the sun since then - ten more straight days of RDF and high winds. "Seize the day" has never been so true as it is this summer. If the temps get above 15 degrees, the winds below 15km and the sun dares to shine, drop everything and get outside to enjoy every minute of it.
No series of pictures about whales would be complete without showing the blow hole. The deep, loud blowing surrounded us and alerted us to close-by whales. There were so many whales that it was hard to know where to look. The sound of the blow helped us to quickly find the ones just below us.
Just as I was leaving I heard some commotion far off shore. When I looked, I saw a splash and thought "ugh," I missed the jump. I stopped and waited a while and much to my delight, up she went again. That was a fitting conclusion to what well may be the greatest whale display on earth.

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