Monday, August 22, 2011

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Juvenile

 For me it is hard to imagine that these shots are already a month old. I have clearly fallen behind in postings but that's okay. That just means that I have plenty of material for the future.

On one of those five sunny days in July I darted over to Bidgood's Park for a walk. It was a great surprise when I rounded a bend in the trail and came across a family of Ruby-crowned Kinglets. For a long time, I have heard the singing of a male kinglet. I think he sang throughout the whole nesting process. Then he stopped.
There were at least seven RC Kinglets in a small area on this day and this little one was very confident to just sit in the open and watch me. I returned to the area about a week later and there was not one kinglet to be found. In fact much of the very-busy activity in this park has faded away.

During my walk yesterday it was a job to find any birds. However, I did find two pockets of warblers, mostly Yellow, Black and White and Yellow-rumped. They were in the back of the park beyond the big rock by the river. There they were flitting around high in the tall trees. I followed them as they moved to the lower end of the open field.

While walking back to my car I happened upon another group of warblers and finches. I was just beginning to identify them when a family on bicycles passed by. The birds flushed farther from the trail and I didn't wait for them to return as the foot traffic was beginning to pick up on the main path. It is kind of sad in a way to see the throng of birds that flew in during the Spring fly out in the Fall. That's migration for you.

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