Sunday, July 2, 2017

Spotted Sandpiper

 At this time of year Spotted Sandpipers are seen everywhere. They are vocal and they are active. There were at least four around the main beach in Cape Broyle.
 Shortly after first seeing this one, it because clear it must have a nest nearby. It went into a distracting dance to protect its young. At the time, no young were seen.
 A quick stop by the beach on a return turn trip yielded one tiny baby already on its legs and scurrying around the backside of the beach. It was interesting to see that even at this young age, it was already bobbing its tail.
Unfortunately, the choice for nest site was not the best. Brush was piled high in the area for a Canada Day bonfire to be held in the evening along with a fireworks display. Hopefully, no one trampled on this one or others that may have been hidden in the tall grass. If they survived that, they would also have to survive the fright of the fireworks.

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