Saturday, October 22, 2016

Other Than Birds

 I hardly know where July went. I do know I spent an enormous amount of time completing many jobs around my house. Spend summer over summer birding and the routine maintenance often gets sidelined. This was without doubt a big catch-up year in that department.
 Nevertheless, July was not all work and no play. I spent a lot of time with my granddaughters which is more joyful than a rare bird any day. I had never noticed the markings in the Foxglove resembled Chinese characters.
 My eldest granddaughter and I spent a couple of days hiking. Not only did she "keep up," but she often led the way fliting from one plant to the next discovering the simple beauty that surrounded us. What a joy to see it through her eyes.

 It is amazing what you can learn on a walk along the wonderful East Coast Trail. Sights and sounds surrounded us and we explored each one.

  Then, there were the days we doubled up and took in some history. Going anywhere with these two necessitates being prepared for hunger, thirst, weather and just plain fatigue.  Being prepared means getting the most out of every experience.  Signal Hill offers so much to take in, and we did it all.
On the one day I got away to Renews for birding, I came across this pair. How wonderful it was to observe how this mother watched over her inquisitive calf as it began to walk toward me. I stayed really close to my car just in case they became uncomfortable with my presence. We enjoyed about five minutes of staring at each other until a large truck came barreling down the road and spooked them.

Thank goodness for these pics that remind me getting out really is all about quality and not quantity.

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