Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Magnolia Warbler

 I spent a little time this morning updating the Rare Bird Page and the Banded Birds Page.It is really easy to fall behind on the routine pages requiring updates. Also pending is a major update on the Butterfly and Dragonfly Pages.
 I am also in the "delete" mode where I dump hundreds and hundreds of shots. In the process, I came across several interesting birds.
 Today, I share two Magnolia Warblers photographed within one week of each other during late Fall. The darker images were of a bird taken along the trail at Stick Pond.
A much brighter bird with much less streaking was found by Ethel Dempsey at Cape Spear. Because of its brightness, we spent a lot of time pursuing this bird for a sure ID. These two different birds just go to illustrate how different fall birds can be.

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