Saturday, March 8, 2014

A March Snowy Owl

 It was eider I set out to see this morning. While there were more than 200 Long-tailed Duck around and plenty of variations of the Black Guillemot at Cape Spear, there were no signs of eider anywhere.
 As I walked down the well-packed snow trail to the main lookout, I saw an interesting set of tracks in the middle of a large patch of undisturbed snow. Tried to take some shots of it, but they were a total white-out.
 Basically, it looked like a large bird had set down in the snow and hopped around a bit. Hmmmm....
 I wondered if it might be a raptor and, as a real stretch, I wondered if it might be an owl. Nah, I thought.
 Anyway, when gazing at the eider-free waters, I got bored and decided to walk around the back of the point, below the "new" lighthouse.
What a surprise I got when I spotted this immature Snowy Owl sitting on a rock near the water. I was really happy when another birder showed up as it is really nice to share a bird like this with someone else who can appreciate it. The cape was glorious this morning with the warmth of the sunshine countering the slight breeze. Snow was easy to walk in and when I arrived, there wasn't a soul around.


  1. It would make my day on this side of the 'pond' if I went out to look at my local Eiders and found a Snowy Owl. I wouldn't be able to stop smiling for a year!