Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Yellow-legged Gull - Quidi Vidi Lake

 Everything was perfect. First, came the post on NF Birds about the Yellow-legged Gull being at Quidi Vidi Lake.
 I was free and made a quick dash to the lake.
 When I arrived, I went to the area where the Yellow-legged Gull was seen earlier.
 Settling in my car, I cleaned my binoculars and began the scan. Well, the glare was so severe I couldn't see any color variations among the gulls.
 Giving up on that, I decided to walk to the Virginia River inflow and get the sun behind me in order to get a better look.
 I didn't expect to see what I found wading around in the shallow water....THE Yellow-legged Gull!
There right in front of me, prancing around, splashing and preening.
 I had about ten minutes to watch it and wow! What yellow legs!
 Then, without notice, every bird on the water lifted off.
 I locked onto the Yellow-legs and followed them as far as I could before the gull vanished into the mob of swirling gulls.
 What a great and unexpected surprise today. Thanks to Bruce for his early post that made this possible.

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  1. Amazing and what a great beak !

    Very nice photographs - thank you for sharing

    All the best Jan