Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tree Swallows: A Buyer's Market

 More than a week ago a pair of Tree Swallows dropped by my yard to check out the nesting box. I watched in anticipation and then, they left. I guess it was not to be.

Then last Saturday morning I looked out my window and saw three Tree Swallows sitting on the wire. They stayed and stayed. Finally, one decided to check out the real estate. It perched on the box and looked up and down and all around for a long time. It studied every dimension of the outside of the box and the surrounding area.
After a good long look at the exterior it decided to go in the box where it stayed for more than 15 minutes. I could see flashes of white and then it would poke its head out and look all around from the interior house. I guess it was checking out the view and the aminities of the neighborhood.
 The longer it stayed, the more hopeful I became. Another Tree Swallow joined this one and then there were two in the box looking inside and out. After another period of time both flew out and perched on the wire above the nesting box.
I watched as they scanned the neighbourhood. These are very particular buyers. If they were buying a car, I'm sure that they would be tire-kickers.

They flew from the wire to the house over and over. For the last three and one half days they have been repeating this behavior. Yesterday, an American Goldfinch got too close to the house, and one of the Tree Swallows flew down and drove it off. They seem to have taken some ownership of the house already.

However, they are not there this morning. I hope that they are tucked away in a dry place and will return when the weather clears. I would love for them to make my house their house.

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