Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dance 2018

 During the last week, I have attended three events showcasing what my granddaughters have learned this year. It was exciting and amazing to see them grow in every way. Of the three programs, it is only the dance show that gets my camera firing on all cylinders! It is my favorite production of the year.
 As usual, the night starts with pre-show pictures. The girls are coiffed, powdered and frocked. All of this happens in a very short time following a day of school and pre-arrival at the Arts and Culture Centre.
 Flash, bam, alakazam! The moment is captured for all time. This is the fourth annual show for the youngest.
 I have prepared a photo album for them to chronicle their history of performance. There is nothing like prints to flip through and remember the many fun experiences over the years.

 For the eldest, this is her eighth year, and it has been a busy one.
 Following a couple of years of ballet, she is now taking lessons in Modern, Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip-Hop along with maintaining a spot in the performing group.
 Her love of movement (and she moves all the time!) includes dance and gymnastics. There is no doubt the skills developed in both of these activities have spilled over to enhance each one.
 There is a grueling rehearsal schedule leading up to this event, and for the first time, I could see some tiredness before the event. Nevertheless, like a trooper, she danced with vim and dedication.
 What adds to the excitement is the togetherness. They enjoy it together. On a home visit during the year, they pulled out all of the costumes from the years-past and put on an impromptu show.
 With all the finishing touches, they were off to the show.
 This is a ballet performance to the tune of "Up."

 Modern Dance...

 Jazz Dance....

 Tap Dance....  There are a lot of quick costume changes going on backstage.
 Ballet Dance

 Hip Hop Dance with a little attitude.

And so... with a little wave to the family, the show comes to a close for another year. Congratulations girls for all of your hard work to make for a very entertaining evening!


  1. Your grand-daughters are beautiful and talented young ladies. I loved these photos!

  2. Wonderful pictures and commentary, Grandmother. Your little girls are gorgeous and so talented! I see a marked resemblance between the elder and Vivian Lee!