Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dance 2017

 This time of year brings many year-end events. Being a loving grandmother, I would not miss one, not even to go birding:)  The annual dance program is the biggest. There is hair to fix, make-up to apply and costumes to don.

 As a part of this annual occasion, I always take pre-show pictures. It amazes me how wonderfully cooperative they are for this hour-long photoshoot. I really put them through paces. These are only a few of the over 100 "keepers" taken this year. Even the new puppy cooperated.
 One of the nicest features of this event is witnessed on stage where so many children come together to showcase their year's work.
 They are literally off the ground with excitement.
 This is Year Three in ballet for the youngest. The 3-hour program is a little long for the young ones who stay for the curtain call. However, hats off to the school as they staged their best show.
 For the eldest, this is Year Seven. It is so nice to see the progression. There is a joy in dance, and it is witnessed in every step taken.
 Each year, I am only able to photograph the first costume of their performance. The other two costumes and shoes are bagged for a quick change backstage.
 If only my flash could have kept up, I could have had a thousand nice shots. Both girls were just too fast for me.

 One of the last shots of the hour always includes one with the photographer.
 Getting non-flash pics during the show requires a little finesse. We have to sit dead-centre and down front in the auditorium. Then, hope they will hit centre stage at some point during their dance. They love to see themselves suspended in air, so I always try to get at least one. Blurry as it is, I got the desired shots.
 The tap costume was a Queen of Hearts in an Alice in Wonderland themed dance. So cute and reminds me of how young this very grown-up young lady is.
 Last but not least is a shot from the jazz routine. The night of glamour has passed once again, and I look to the one remaining concert.

With summer on our doorsteps, I look forward to spending much time with these two as we explore what the outdoors offers.

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